Like most obsessions, my love for jumpsuits is one that goes way back. It first began when I was about nine years old, vacationing in Florida with my parents. I remember my mom bought me a floral romper specifically for the occasion, and I wore it nonstop—even resisting when it came time to slip on my swimsuit for a dip in the water. (“It’s just too comfy,” I argued.) I guess you could say this ‘90s printed onesie was the sartorial gateway to my full-fledged jumpsuit addiction—which, yes, continues today.

Over the years I’ve steadily added to my collection. There was the pair of long overalls I sported (proudly, paired with my trendy-again Timberland boots) circa 1997; my fancy black silk jumpsuit I splurged on during college; and my most casual option, the all-grey jersey number that I wore as a recent grad whenever I was too lazy—and broke—to put on anything else. Today I count no fewer than six jumpsuits in my closet. But, as my friends can attest, I still occasionally fight the urge to add just one more.

My excuse? Jumpsuits are trendy again, plain and simple. It’s hard to find a clothing item that’s experienced a comparable resurgence over the past several seasons, both on the runway and thered carpet. Not only have those Osh Kosh dungarees I wore back in the day returned with a vengeance, but high-fashion iterations of denim jumpsuits have popped up everywhere from Sonia Rykiel’s catwalk to Miley Cyrus’ dinner dates to this very fashion website.Then, there’s the army fatigue-inspired flight suits, which offer a utilitarian twist on the trend. However, jumpsuits aren’t solely about comfort and practicality—they’re now considered formal enough for proms, Hollywood awards shows and even weddings.

The pop stars and supermodels of the world, meanwhile, often opt for even more glamorous one-pieces. Just take Karlie Kloss, who debuted a sheer, jewel-encrusted bodysuit at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Kloss’ jaw-dropping look has since rubbed off on friends like Taylor Swift(who sported her own version recently during her 1989 tour) and Gigi Hadid, who attended the CFDA Awards last week in Michael Kors.

Whether your reasoning for stepping into a jumpsuit is for comfort or glamour, this foolproof piece has proven itself time and again to be the ultimate effortless go-to. For me, this all-in-one ensemble is a solution to that daily “What am I going to wear?” struggle, a quality that inspired my most recent jumpsuit buy.  Just a few months ago, I stumbled upon a $40 vintage Robbie Bee number in Brooklyn that was equal parts retro and cool, covered in tiny flowers and made from a cotton so soft, I could barely even take it off to go to sleep that night. Six jumpsuits later, I think I’ve finally come full circle.