A team of make-over gurus have the potential POTUS in hand, in a bid to make her more palpable to the people.

On Saturday, June 13, Hillary Clinton held her first campaign rally in New York City. Speaking in front of thousands of people, the former first lady and secretary of state touched on topics ranging from climate change to crime, all while positioning herself as a champion of the middle class. She did this wearing a custom blue Ralph Lauren pantsuit, paired with a matching royal blue top. Yes, Ms. Clinton is sticking with her ’08 uniform, but make no mistake—the blazer and trouser combo is different this time around. She’s upgraded her designers, hired a team of image experts and left her so-called “dowdy,” “matronly” personal style in the past.

For the 2016 election, Ms. Clinton has finally figured out how to use the pantsuit to her political advantage. During her last presidential campaign, Ms. Clinton was lampooned by comedians including Andy Cohen and David Letterman, and even made her way around the Internet as a rainbow-colored pantsuit meme. Rather than ignore the critics, Ms. Clinton has always taken the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach. She has never been afraid to poke fun at herself, and in 2008 she addressed her biggest fashion missteps with the odd joke. But while Ms. Clinton was willing to contribute to the tabloid fodder, she famously reneged on participating in a Vogue spread.

Fortunately, Anna Wintour hasn’t held a grudge. Last year, the editor-in-chief publicly stated her support of Ms. Clinton at the opening of the Oscar de la Renta exhibit (which took place at the Clinton Presidential Center). What’s more, she declared in her speech, “All of us at Vogue look forward to putting on the cover the first female president of the United States.”

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